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Large Gift Hamper

Large Gift Hamper

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Canberra's most loved social enterprise florist, providing employment opportunities for people with special needs has teamed up with some incredible social enterprises around the nation to bring you THE PERFECT gift you can send!

A bountiful collection of delicious tidbits, savoury treats, and enticing sweets that will please the whole crowd! In this life-changing gift hamper, you will receive: 


1x One Bean Coffee - ethically made coffee

1x Exquisite chocolate covered nuts*

1x Sweet Handmade biscuits/cookies*

1x Homemade Tomato Sauce/Salad Dressing*

1x Homemade fruit conserve*

1x Artisan savoury crackers

1x GG's Flowers Mildura Chocolate bar 

1x Assortment of chocolates/toffees/nougat 

1x personalised packaging to suit every occasion


This gift is packed by people with special needs at GG's Flowers and delivered with love - the whole process is to provide our vulnerable members our of community with a better future. It's a project we're very proud about and we feel so honoured to be working with such incredible organisations all around the nation. 

Every effort will be made to provide exactly as pictured, but it a lot of cases, we're committed to supporting a range of Australian social enterprises - so we try to share the love. Items with the asterisks will be items that can come from multiple social enterprises. Don't worry, you will still receive a product, just know that it may come from a different social enterprise that is seen in the picture above!